Posted by: r.m. | November 26, 2008

see it.

This is one of the references we just talked about at the UNEP Training for Trainers.

Worth looking at: Africa Atlas of our Changing Environment



  1. The sole making of such a book shows how much changes Africa has done. Whenever we talk about Africa, we always think of undernutrition, diseases, poverty, spaces that are not managed, water problems… The target was United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals, and obviously the UN have helped in these changes, I’m guessing many rich countries also helped the African maybe financially to reach these goals. Whatever the means were, it is very nice, and very promising to see cooperation between countries to make the conditions better everywhere

  2. Well, this book has a great imprtance since it shows how Africa changes in front of human and natural activities by photos taken all over the african countries, there is nothing better than a photograph to show the exact conditions. It also shows the support for that continent and the efforts being done in order to raise its status.

  3. its true that a picture is worth a thousands words! most pictures taken in africa represent suffering and hungar but in my opinion nothing caused this hungar except the same counteries that try to help! actuallt they steal what they donate so they’re not helping the africans but they are giving them part of what belongs to them! for that i cant thank the counteries who are trying to help! we cant thank them for giving us what is ours originally!

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