Posted by: r.m. | November 27, 2008


We have spent some exciting time at the UNEP Training for Trainers planning a strategy.

I’m so energized.




  1. details, please.

  2. tekram 3aynik ya rafiqa!

    we spent an hour planning a strategy. in this case, our little group planned a strategy on how to get the Rwandan parliament to actually implement CITES to limit/stop the illegal trading of wildlife. I remembered how much I absolutely love planning strategy – and how beautifully hopeful it is to break it down and say: hey, how do we get to where we want to go? how do we get this decision-maker to do what we want him to do? and just to aim for the full sky of stars. So, for example, we said, hey, let’s get a former senior environmental advisor of the World Bank to document the economic importance of the Gorilla to Rwanda, and with the WB signatory the Parliament will pay more attention. Let’s aim for it all – and then work on getting there, bit by bit, detail by detail.

    I am itching to do this now in Lebanon, and itching to design strategies – detail by detail – and to take these tools (many of which we know) and spread them and use them in trainings.

    I also remembered that it is not enough to just know how to do things – we say, for example, that we know how to do strategies – but actually sitting down and strategizing, wow, how energizing, how revitalizing.

    we should do it regularly – and do it in small groups because the enthusiasm from one carries.
    and then we need to step away and return the next day and evaluate the strategy. and then start implementing 🙂

    we’ll do it when i see you 🙂

    big kiss

  3. planning in lubnan….sounds so exciting. i can just imagine the possibilities. and with you: the enthusiasm always transfers. it’s contagious. 🙂


  4. ps: planning activist stuff sounds great. planning your novel sounds even better…

  5. Wow, you have been updating your blog the whole time from Geneva! I am impressed! Your students must be very lucky to have you – such an energetic and inspiring teacher. I hope they know that.

    warmest wishes from Budapest,


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