Posted by: r.m. | December 1, 2008

a red apple.

This morning was a simple morning.  I struggled to get out of bed (much to the chagrin of my cats who wanted me to bounce out of bed). Half an hour after the alarm rang, I finally decided against the snooze button.  By 6 am, I had made my way to my little red car parked at the corner of the sleepy street.

Another easy morning.

Nothing special so far.

And then, at the end of Sanayeh street, I see a small truck on my right and the driver smiles at me – and extends his hand out of the window and offers me a red apple.  I laugh.  He laughes.

Much further down the road, at a red light, I see movement at my left and there he is.  I roll down the window and he is laughing and saying, take the apple so I won’t have to follow you to your work to give it to you.  We share another smile and then he runs back to his truck.

A red apple.  A surprising, sweet gift from a stranger.  A wonderful way to say “good morning.”

The mood he gives me – through such a simple gesture – well, it made my heart relax.  My smile eased itself into my being.  And I felt lifted through the morning – above all the political billboards, and sex-drive advertisements, and ugly quarries along the route from Beirut to the University of Balamand.

What a beautiful morning.  What a sweet, endearing city.

I wish you a red apple.

I wish you a heart at-ease.



  1. and it is so easy for you to share the wealth: your entry is a lovely way for me to start my morning. to look outside and appreciate the sun shining on the olive trees and know that you are just a couple hundred miles north…

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