Posted by: r.m. | December 1, 2008


Endangered Ugly Things – interesting blog


  1. HAHA! nice blog.. very ugly animals though.. the beetles are amazing though.. they look like small robot insects..

  2. cool blog…but i wouldn’tsay the animals are ugly.there definitely interesting.i usually really hate insects,but the beetle was really cool.And the coconut crab is amazing.

  3. i thought it was interesting how the worm emits a flowery smell, who would have expected that! The toad however is plain disgusting, how the tadpoles emerge from its back…shiver

  4. Interesting!!!I’ve never seen such creatures before…and it seems that the beetle took everyone’s attention. I’m not an insect lover, but it looks nice ( better looking than the beetles that I usually see)… But i didnt like the title, they are not that ugly, they are just wierd!

  5. Very interesting! I never knew such creatures existed! Beetles were really cool. I really liked the article and enjoyed reading about those amazing creature although i hate insects. I guess it’s mean to call them ugly, because afterall they’re God’s creation 🙂

  6. Impressive. This reminds us that we don’t really know the World, we only know the things we can see and as we can see them

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