Posted by: r.m. | December 1, 2008

Life at the poles

“There were 1,224 species in total, of which 1,026 were found in the Antarctic waters – including sea urchins, worms, crustaceans and molluscs. Dr Barnes told BBC News: “There is a widely held belief that life is very rich in the tropics and decreases through temperate areas, through to polar regions, which are thought to be barren.That is partly because we see life from the land point of view – and when we see the Arctic and Antarctic, we just see ice. But below the surface of the sea, it is an incredibly rich environment, and diving there is a bit like diving on a coral reef.”

Once again, we find that we had underestimated the marvelous magic and diversity of our planet.

What else will we discover?

And what have we already lost?


  1. The main reason that many species are at the poles is because humans didn’t get there yet.. wait and see.

  2. If there is this wonderful diversity and life at the poles,just think of all the life yet to be dicovered.But karine is right, humans haven’t reached there yet…

  3. If humans aren’t physically there yet, their effects have reached the poles, and far beyond. 😦
    Just try to figure out how ice melting will affect life diversity at those regions!

  4. Something positive for a change, five new species found in a land thought to be dead. It’s true, when we think of life we unconciously picture greenery, and other parts are not of much importance. The discovery of new animals in antartica is important and useful because human influence has not reached those parts directly, yet.

  5. Science keeps astonishing us by the nature’s beauty and richness… The current research have revealed 1,224 species living in that polar region. After a couple of years, the same research will lead to a lower number of species. This is unsurprising, because we all know that the world is going to a disasterous end due to climate change…
    Instead of looking to those posted photos and saying “waw”, we should look at them and say “goodbye”… because if we dont maintain our world by protecting it and respecting it, it will go towards disorder…

  6. it really great to have such marvellous species living at the poles but its also sad when u think that soon humans are going to lay their hands and ruin it. and humans impact have already started to melt the ice and who knows what this already caused?

  7. The main question that comes to my mind is how can we help the arctic from melting away?? is there a way to slow the polar regions from melting?? can we freeze the melt off to keep it from running to the sea?c an we take the melting snow and turn it back into ice/snow and recoat during the winter months ??? i am sure we can !!! and we should before it all melts away, it is easier to do this while their is still ice and snow than after it melts.

  8. When we all realize that by not respecting this planet for years now – a change is happening everywhere. . People who care little for the welfare of the animals – who don’t care that we have been killing off their populations by damaging the earth – they need to all remember that we are all God’s creatures. We live on this planet too – and if we don’t stop the damage now – we will not be able to live either. All animals deserve to live.

  9. I thought there was no life at the poles. Am glad to know i was wrong!!! Finally, some good news! I think these creatures used to live nearby but run away for their lives after realising how dangerous humans can be. I just hope no human interfers with their way of living and drive them to extinction!!

  10. We haven’t yet realized, as a collective consciousness, that our planet is actually finite and that we’ve got all the resources we’ll ever have; otherwise we won’t just be taking care of what we have but we would actually be frightened to even touch it.
    Here’s an example: all of us eat till we’re full because deep inside we know that whenever we need food, there is enough to feed ourselves and much much more; however imagine yourself stuck in the middle of a desert with only a bottle of water and a sandwich….how would you deal with your food?? the same items you would have swallowed in less then 5 minutes without even taking the care of chewing well, will last you many days and you might even die from hunger while the sandwich is still in your hands, unfinished….that’s human nature, so precautious yet so greedy.

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