Posted by: r.m. | December 2, 2008

how to talk about climate change

when it comes to climate change (and probably much else regarding environmental issues), turns out there are 6 Americas.

“Newly released research on effective messaging to Americans regarding needed climate change actions points to discrete audience segments and urges careful targeting at each of six different group’s concerns, needs, and values. … Emphasizing the importance of the “know thy audience” rule so important to journalism, [the researchers]  divided the respondents into six categories as a percentage of the population:

  • Concerned (22%)
  • Cautious (20%)
  • Alarmed (19%)
  • Doubtful (16%)
  • Unconcerned (12%)
  • (Dismissive (11%)

for each group, the researchers argued presenting a different communication message. Read more here

hmm… how many Lebanons? How many Arab Worlds? Where would we be in that grouping? hmm…


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