Posted by: r.m. | December 3, 2008

a new climate change treaty…. and extinction

“Negotiators kicked off the final yearlong push Monday for a new climate change treaty –  with the U.S. government in transition, the European Union in disarray and a worldwide economic crisis – thus leading to hazy chances for a quick agreement on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.” One key suggestion was made by Bangladesh: “Bangladesh on the second day of UN Climate Change Conference in Poznan, Poland, demanded that an International Adaptation Centre under UN framework be set up in Dhaka. The centre would research on how to adapt to climate change.

Meanwhile: the first species – that we know of – has paid the price of human arrogance and mismanagement of climate change: “the white lemuroid possum, a rare creature found only above 1000m in the mountain forests of far north Queensland, has not been seen for three years. Experts fear climate change is to blame for the disappearance of the highly vulnerable species thanks to a temperature rise of up to 0.8C.”



  1. An increase of 0.8C can lead to the extinction of a whole species, so think twice before you perform any activity that will contribute to the emission of greenhouse gases!
    we’re thinking, but are the “big heads” in charge doing so?!

  2. ok…2015 is the target date after which the reversibility of climate change is very hard to achieve..In a month, we are going to be in 2009, which means that we still have 6 years of work to stop the disasters that will be derived from climate change.. and till now what have we done??conferences, meetings, negotiations… and never actual work!!! All what they think about is the financial crisis, as if it never existed or will never appear again.. But climate change is much more important, it is a timeless problem!

    A second thing that i want to criticize is that we only talked in the articles about US as being the leading role, EU as setting agreements, bangladesh’s suggestion, but where is the Arab world???Is it sleeping as usual?Is it as usual thinking of short term improvements???

    While we are doing nothing by talking, another species is getting extinct “the white possum”, and most of the people just think that it is not true and it is a political-scientific agreement which has economical purposes…
    SHAME on them!

  3. how much of a temperature rise would it take for the sub-prime race of our leaders to go extinct? because that is an extinction i would really like to see!
    on a more serous note, how much warming would it take for the human race to be wiped out -probably by some super-bacterium that will emerge once the temperature has risen to suit it-?!

  4. The centre in Dhaka would research on HOW TO ADAPT TO CLIMATE CHANGE? what about avoiding it? It’s typical humans! We mess it up and instead of fixing it, we try to push it under the carpet! Anyway, we already know that to adapt to climate change, we must also adapt animals, insects, plants to it, which is impossible, and if it were possible somehow, it would be so costly, financially and regarding labor.. The problem is humans are too selfish to stop emitting greenhouse gases as long as its profitable for them..

  5. As usual, a lot is said, very few is actually done…
    What I still don’t understand, how can so many people to date not be utterly convinced of the seriousness of Global Warming? Although summits are being held, we don’t have the feeling that something crucial is being dealt with… it seems that governments are signing agreements without real conviction, otherwise they would stop right now and find drastic alternative energetic, economic and even military solutions.
    Is the real “thing”, global warming, the only way to convince people that the scientific community is not merely circulating rumours?? Unfortunately, everyone would then, once the tipping point is passed, see clear, but it would be too little too late.

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