Posted by: r.m. | December 4, 2008

let’s talk alternative

Okay. So many us claim to know where we don’t want to go and to know that we’re continuing to get to where we don’t want to go. We don’t want to get to the point of lack of natural resources, destroyed ecosystems, difficult climate change, further loneliness of spirit, …

So:How to avoid going to where we don’t want to go? Where do we actually want to go? And how do we get to where we actually want to go?

Specifically – with regards to the post-Kyoto negotiations in Poland: what do we want? what do we not want? how do we get there?

Here is one alternative – Kyoto 2



  1. well, i dont think we have a choice of where we want to go anymore! its too ate becuase we passed the point at which we can change how we act!we have consumed of the earth more than it can give! so less resources which means looking for alternatives and thus destroying more of the ecosystem. the point is no matter how many conferences we make, we will not become better; we will just stay where we are which still isn’t good enough for us! all we do is just talk and that isn’t enough either!

  2. the flexibility mechanisms??? is that a dumb idea or what? i mean i hope they’re not expecting anyone has ever bought this piece of **** -sorry, but it is appropriate here- besides, if they actually think people buy that, that it shows how highly they think of their constituency!!! i had previously heard that the USA wanted to buy carbon emission rights from South Africa but i thought it was some kind of anti American urban myth. know that i know they had the plan to do it i’m actually angry. but more so, i’m sad. this says one of two things, either we are being governed by blithering idiots -where’s the global reduction in CO2 emissions in that plan?- or they are so openly plotting against the whole human race that it makes Kant and his theory of enlightenment turn in their grave. i really don’t know which is worse, but as an idealist, i refuse to only have these two options, and i know there are others.

  3. i just remembered that the USA, together with some European countries have shelled more than 3 trillion dollars for the big companies that got into big trouble because of really bad management, so why can’t they come up with similar amounts of cash to solve a problem that affects much more people, more species, and in far more ways that a financial crisis ever can.
    may someone should put it to them in dollar terms, then they’d get appropriately worried and start thinking about something serious. By the way, the argument i just made used does not imply in any way that i either approve or think anything worthwhile of the financial bail out plan.

  4. All the previous conferences were driven by profits rather than by an effective climate agreement. The previous proposed solutions are either unacceptable or they didnt work.. So we should try something new, something different.
    Industrialized countries are not the only one to blame, it is not only the source of emission that causes the high carbon dioxide level but it is also the source of production of fuels. In any industrial project, there is a coopertion between countries…If any country left this cooperation, all the project fails.. Thus as the writer said there is no specific targeted country to blame!!!
    Hence, business, governments, social movements should all work together around the world and take this Kyoto 2 proposal into consideration, study its consequences in order to begin the real work!

  5. It has long been clear that the agreement was a dopey idea that would do nothing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions unless economic growth in the advanced economies of the world were greatly curtailed. Even then, not much would be gained because third world nations (China, mainly) would be massively increasing their CO2 output, and that would more than offset any gains that might be made in the other countries

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