Posted by: r.m. | December 4, 2008

looking south

A day’s drive from here, 1.5 million people are besieged.

A day’s drive from here, more than 750,000 people – who are dependent on food aid – are not receiving any food.

A day’s drive from here, there has become a shortage of candles to break the darkness caused the lack of fuel.

A day’s drive from here.  Almost another world. But a mere 60 years ago, it was possible to drive, take the train across all these false, divisive borders.  A mere 60 years ago…

But the time is now.

Th[e] writer asked an old friend of his, a young mother named Um Muhammad Abu Ouf, how her family has been affected by the siege. As darkness descended upon Gaza City’s Omar al-Muktar Street, she replied, “The siege has become a daily nightmare, day and night. Electricity cuts off and that frightens my 11-month-old infant. It makes conditions unsafe for him. Further, I’m trying to get some fortified food for him. I went to many stores and shops but in vain. I could not find any food nor necessary supplies for my son as there is a shortage of a lot of the basic products needed to care for infants, such as milk, diapers and so forth.”

“Meanwhile, Nahed Deeb, who feared that famine looms near, was similarly frustrated: “We are slowly dying and no one is taking action.”

Take action. Here is one way. Another way? Write. To the local press. There are other ways as well….They all start with believing change is possible.



  1. yes sameh’s words are so powerful and beautiful. and they move me and make me want to act. but how many other people–people who will put pressure on power. speak truth to power–will be moved enough by his words…

  2. Is it far fetched to compare the Israelis to cancer?
    If it’s not, how does today’s medicine treat cancer if not with chemo and radiation therapy? humans are on many counts, to social fabric exactly what cells are to organ tissue.

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