Posted by: r.m. | December 10, 2008

conflict harming trees too…

Sudan’s Darfur conflict has devastated the environment in the region, stripping forests and destroying farmland, according to a U.N. report. People caught up in the five-year crisis have cut down large areas of woodland, partly to feed a booming war-fuelled construction industry …  Tree cover has become so sparse in some areas that Darfuris often have to travel more than 75 km (50 miles) from their camps to find enough wood to sell or use for fuel. … Farmers driven from their fields by the conflict often found the timber trade was the only business left open to them after taking shelter in displacement camps, said the report titled ‘Destitution, distortion and deforestation’.”

UNEP document available here (darfur_timber1)

(Why did it take a month for Reuters to report on this November 2008 UNEP document?)



  1. sadly one is somewhat forced to forget the trees and other inhabitants of the region when faced with such atrocities, and forced to curse when remembering that all this is for some weapons and some land lordship. sometimes humans act like dogs marking their territories with secretions…

  2. You can’t really blame the inhabitants for wanting to survive.But it’s shameful to learn the reason these people were forced from their homes and cut down trees for a living:violence and war.Is it worth it?

  3. can you blame them!? they are humans and humans by nature would do anyhing to live and if that was on the forests account then that also does not matter! i feel sad when i know that but i cant blame them cause i misght do the same if i were them!

  4. When a person needs to find a way to survive he doesn’t think about the consequences..All he wants is surviving even if it’s on the account of forests..and here it’s not just a case of war and violence…in Darfur there’s a world wide case..a case that the people who lives in Darfur are trying to face and defend…So lets not just make silly..

  5. Without environmental action their state will surely die. Of course, that is what rich countries such as the US and other countries such as China that sells arms to continue the killing long to see. Their sights on this area are well established. There is OIL under the ground where genocide now takes place. It will simply be another notch to add to their belts in a long list of conquests for $$$ and power. The true inhumanity of it all is that we the human race have allowed them to get away with it… again.

  6. The children of Darfur have paid a huge price. Stolen from their parents, they are raped, beaten and humiliated and forced to kill their friends and families.

    The environment, in that state is way down the list from all of the wrongs that need to be righted.
    No local or state government stability; the “police” are the criminals and the criminals are even worse.

    Until a stable government is put into place, everyone will suffer, including the rest of the world that has sat back and watched the turmoil, and done nothing.

    Shame on the human race for allowing this to go unchecked.

    Praise for the few that are on the ground and trying to help.

  7. With all the problems that Sudan’s inhabitants had, a new one is added to the list : loss of forest and destruction of farmland…

    It is said in the article:”We need to plant millions of trees and introduce new technologies for construction and energy as quickly as humanly possible.”
    Will they do this? With all the conflicts, will they do this? Most probably not… And with all the problems around the world, the attention towards Sudan’s trees will be extremly small… Thus the situation will get worse because the people in Sudan arent woking for it and there is definetly no support from other countries..

    And as usual, the environment is paying the bill!

  8. It seems that not only people are being affected by armed conflicts, even the environment is paying a large toll.
    I recently read that due to the neverending war in Palestine, ostriches are “psychologically” suffering. According to one study, reproduction success in many ostrich farms has fell to only 30% of its normal value. These animals seem to be in a traumatic shock, whereas palestinians got used to their situation and are having as much children as anyone else on this planet (if not more), austriches aren’t.

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