Posted by: r.m. | December 11, 2008

Saudi Arabia: the dirtiest

“Sweden does the most of any country for tackling emissions of greenhouse gases, while Saudi Arabia does the least, according to a barometer published on Wednesday by watchdogs at the UN climate talks…Sweden’s fourth place was followed by Germany, France, India, Brazil, Britain and Denmark. The bottom 10 were listed in descending order as Greece, Malaysia, Cyprus, Russia, Australia, Kazakhstan, Luxembourg, the United States, Canada and Saudi Arabia.”

For more infromation go directly to the the Climate Change Performance Index –



  1. we’re not in the top, but that’s hardly a surprise. gladly, we’re not in the bottom, either because we were not considered at all, or because we weigh way too little in emission size- then again Cyprus is not that much larger or more industrialized than Lebanon, so might as well be because we are cleaner than those bottom ranking countries…
    understandably, China has the highest percentage because it has the largest population, while the USA has an equivalent figure for about four times less inhabitants. is this the way the world has to work, or is it just the law of the jungle?

  2. It’s sad to see that no country is in the first 3 places.Even though sweden and the other countries are working seriously on this issue,apparently it’s not good enough.Disgustingly,Saudi Arabia is at the bottom of the list,even worse than the USA!I hope Saudi Arabia can be convinced to decrease it’s fossil fuel emissions before it’s too late.I think they play an important role in climate change.

  3. i cant beleieve that saudi arabia is worse than the usa! but i do appreciate the fcat that lebanon is not listed in thebottom list! altought from what i see in chekka or our forests burned down and illegalized induteries all over the place makes me feel the same disgrace of what saudi arbia turned our to be! maybe if lebanon was larger in dimensions that it would be listed i the bottom list!

  4. M not surprised that Saudi arabia is in the bottom list..i never been there to see but from what i have heard i am not surprised… People who turned from nothing at all to being the richest in the world, you can’t expect from them to consider the nature.. Specially that their money comes from destroying the nature…

  5. What caught my attention in the ranking is that some undeveloped countries are among the top (India, Brazil). On the other hand, some well developed countries are at the bottom of the list (Luxembourg, US, Canada).
    I used to think that such developed countries pay great attention and have all the means to fight pollution and greenhouse gases emission.

  6. Of all the times an Arab nation could beat the alledged first world countries, it had to be in the emission of greenhouse gases. I can’t say I’m suprised, Saudi Arabia has been trying to advance in a the technological and industrial world as rapidly as it can, yet it apparently has no problem in declining in terms of ecological goals. The United States being on the bottom has come to be expected, but Cyprus?? I never knew it was that industrial. (Funny how we equate pollution to advancement).

  7. On top of that, Saudi Arabia is fighting any attempt to decrease greenhouse gases, It’s pressing (well, paying its way) on Middle East countries so that they also take its side..
    And even worse, it’s coming up with ridiculous ideas like stacking the carbon emissions and burrying them? (it’s all from the conference).
    They really DON’T CARE in any way!!
    As long as the world is burning their fuel.. but until when?

  8. where is china on this list??? i mean their major cities are smog filled, so much so that there are numerous studies showing the decline of health in china’s largest cities ( they needed to cut back on a ton of industrial and automotive usage just to make the olympics bearable). Same for India, no way its fourth on the list. every time you blow your nose in any of the major cities or even smaller towns, its all black mucus coming out due to all the pollution. They have almost no air quality restrictions and the paltry few that exist are never enforced. coal is their only power source mainly and they have NO fitertration procedures for their exhaust let alone any clean coal technologies.

  9. i don’t know why at first i felt that this list makes no sense to me. i mean Brazil burns acres of rain forest every year – nearly the only thing protecting our climate. but at the second glance i agreed with it.
    i realised that this is NOT a study or list on who’s polluting more or who’s polluting less, this is a study on who is TRYING to pollute more/less. Can you see the small difference?

  10. Not suprising at all… Saudi Arabia is at the bottom of the list, very expectable from the country whose all money is coming from selling fuel…
    What is sad is that no country is categorized in the top one, two and even three…It’s really sad that no country is doing its best to save the environment…It’s all explained by their economical benefits at the expense of the environment, no country is willing to lose its money…
    But how many more years will this situation last? Well, when more hurricanes, tornados, floods and other natural disasters destroy their constructions and lands they will be awaken to act, but now, they are still sleeping….and at the top of them is Saudi Arabia…

  11. I totally agree with Zeina. I feel that this study, beside what was said about Saudi Arabia, is incomplete and intriguingly inaccurate.
    How can China be less poluting then Cyprus or Kazakhstan?? Com’on!!

  12. As long as Saudi Arabia is getting its money from fuel, it’s going to be at the end of the list and is going to continue with its emission or maybe increase them. I think the conference would come up with a good solution on how to make these countries ( at the end of the list ) reduce their emissions.

  13. It is very disappointing to hear that an Arab country is the dirtiest country regarding emmision of greenhouse gases. The reason is very obvious seeing that KSA is the country with the highest carbon emissions rating in the world. Since KSA has alot of oil, then they will keep using it and burning it and encouraging other countries to do it too. I only thank God that Lebanon is not in the bottom 10 but also hoped it would be in the Top 10.

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