Posted by: r.m. | December 11, 2008

two sites…

… with two different perspectives on the same conference.

Here is the official site for The Poznań Climate Change Conference

and here is the site for one activist group that is providing live feed, questions, and interesting blog:



  1. I am just thinking now…. where do you get all these interesting news? Do you have like a list of probably 50 websites that you visit on a daily basis? 🙂 Just wondering how one person can be so efficient…….

  2. is that really efficient? or actually do i believe them!?

  3. While reading the article of the official site i noticed something interesting… the next conference will be from 29 march till 8 April.. which is almost 5 months from now..and as i recall it will only takes us almost more 100 years to reach the extreme symptoms of the climate by talking and taking all this time just to do conferences it won’t be enough to save the planet..we need something more effective..

  4. unfortunately there is always the official side and the other side, which’s name and meaningfulness vary greatly depending on who you are and what you believe.

  5. The truth is in the eye of the observer, isn’t it so??
    Unfortunately, compromises and midway solutions, which everyone is asking for, are never an answer to a problem. They just upset everyone, none of the sides is satisfied because it is in our nature to focus on what we’ve lost and not what we’ve won.
    However if that’s the only way for saving the planet, I would say: go for it!

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