Posted by: r.m. | December 11, 2008

What about The Bank?

“Poznan Declaration: World vs. Bank Print E-mail

wb-protest“Nations are gathering in Poznan, Poland under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). To meet their obligations towards developing countries and repay their climate debt, industrialized countries must agree to appropriately and adequately finance adaptation, mitigation, and technology development and transfer. The World Bank Group is positioning itself to control key financial mechanisms of the UNFCCC.

We, the undersigned organizations, oppose any World Bank role in aninternational climate change convention regime, for the following reasons…”

Excellent statement… Check it out



  1. How unsettling to read this first thing in the morning. i still fail to understand what logic, if any, is behind mandating a bank to deal with or even supervise the dealing with a major, global and decisive climatic issue. besides making some money and a guarantee of failure, all i can think of is the idiomatic arabic expression saying that repetition teaches the mule… and they still seem to not have learned. or maybe are they faining not to know the consequences of such choices?

  2. This was my position all along (since the last article about global warming and World Bank).. Institutions like the World Bank led the planet to this crisis, why do they want to participate in fixing it?what’s their motive?
    They’re looking for redemption?

  3. Interesting subject. We might need some extra information on the subject, just to contrast opinions and get a wider look on the story.
    Nevertheless, things are not that straight forward, shouln’t we first find a real sponsor, someone willing to finance the whole project before rejecting any World Bank offers? And who of us have read the Bank’s proposal? Perhaps it’s more positive than we think…

  4. The situation with the world bank is a typical example of how the rich get to reap the benefits and step over morals and values while doing so. it is very surprising to know from this article how the world bank could be invilved in such atrocities and crimes against the environment and against people.

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