Posted by: r.m. | December 15, 2008

lonely elephants…

lonely elephants.  captive in zoos. die much younger than their relatives in the wild.

African elephants in [European]  zoos had a median lifespan of 16.9 years compared to 56 years for elephants living in national park in Kenya

loneliness is cited as one of the reasons. who would want to live a long life caged and examined and prodded?



  1. I think the effect of climate is a second reason other than loneliness. Maybe African elephants can’t adapt to the Europian climate. Change in the temperature, precipitation, humidity and other factors may interfere with the physiological function of those elephants and lead to an earlier senescence.
    To prove such a conclusion, we must isolate elephants in their homeland; thus the only variable would be loneliness.

  2. if we humans had to stay at home for few days we tend to eat more and become more agressive and depressed. so what about elephants who love freedom and opened places more than we do!? we can stay at home but elephants homes is the open air! i think its terrible what we are doing to all animals! the least we could give them is freedom after all that i have read about experiments done on animals.
    and in my opinion this is more essential than climate change because whe those animals disappear we dont need to worry aymore!

  3. How would we feel if we were locked up? i would definietly die even if i am being fed or taken care off i need freedom just like what these elephants need, they need to go back in the wild where the space they can walk in is not limited where they learn to adapt to their natural habitat not locked up. This has been happening long ago and was even spoken about long ago but still an article about this matters always appear sometime or the other. Also the cajnge in climate will affect animals and elephants because they are not adopted to it they may die.
    Sally El-Koussa

  4. These elephants weigh about 9000 pounds!! So, i guess it’s pretty obvious that they need a lot of room to live in. This animal walks the equivalent of three times around the world in its lifetime so how can u lock it up??. What’s more is that by dying at such a young age, they will have very dangerous reproductive and behaivoural problems. Males tend to be hyper-aggressive for several months of the year so can u imagine what would happen if you lock them up all in the same space???

  5. Elephants require more space than zoos can provide, and also require the society of family members. If an animal must walk 40 to 100 miles each day to maintain healthy bones, muscles and ligaments, confinement in a zoo enclosure is fatal. If an animal needs the society of its kind to achieve mental and emotional health, isolation for years at a time is torture, no matter how many well-meaning humans are involved.

  6. Everything that was said is completely right and I can’t but agree with you all, but we shouldn’t see just one side of the coin.
    Although zoos are simply prisons for wild animals, I do believe that they help not only to distract and entertain people bur really educate the public.
    A zoo spreads awareness about the animals; how would we care about the lions of the African savanas, thousand of miles away, if we haven’t at least seen one personally?
    That’s the price to pay, a sacrifice done by the individual for the benefit of the group.

  7. The elephants’ condition is a response to their habitat and that is so natural and normal. Human would’ve reacted the same way. They need their space and a comfortable surrouding. Animals should not have limited freedom no matter what.

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