Posted by: r.m. | December 15, 2008

more than a vision gap

The United Nations climate change conference ended on a bitter note in the early hours of Saturday. The developing and emerging economies accused the industrialised nations of “callousness” and a “vision gap” that were reflected in their rejection of a key deal that would enable the poor states to cope with global warming.”



  1. the sad part is that solutions exist and are even readily available. what’s not so available, on the other hand, is the political will or the democratic push for serious and potentially effective action to be taken.

  2. The old clash between developped and developing countries emerges once again.
    What the biggest nations do know but simply refuse to aknowledge and admit is that all what we have come to in terms of environemental crises is almost entirely their fault.
    It’s the European countries as well as the US who started and kept going with the industrial revolution, main cause of CO2 emissions; and not the poor developing countries.
    Therefore it’s at least a moral duty to help and protect the poorest, the scapegoats, the ones having to pay the biggest price without having benefited. What an irony!

  3. The United Nations never ‘did’ anything useful for the poor and helpless. The Biggest example was recently Gaza. Where were the UN when Israel was bombing us in 2006? Where were the UN when…you know i’ll never finish if I start listing. If the powerful and rich countries are controlling the UN then why should they blame themselves for polluting and destroying the environment? And why should they care about what happens to the poor countries?

  4. climate change is caused by the developed countries. This is true, these countries were the first to increase the CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere and continue doing so. But this is not the full story: developing countries are beginning to catch up. China is today competing with the US for the top spot as the world’s leader in CO2 emissions. India is also in this way, Brazil, and many others.
    in my opinion, we must stop accusing and blaming each other on the cause of climate change and start thinking how to face this problem, with putting sustainable development as a major and helpful goal in this fight.

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