Posted by: r.m. | December 15, 2008

When will the Israelis?

I look forward to the day when Israeli academics apologize to Palestinians. When Israeli society apologizes. When they finally realize what it means to say “never again” and how “never again” applies to all and not only to them.

Turkish academics in apology to Armenians

We have much to learn, though. We have much to learn from the Armenian example…



  1. word!

  2. i wonder if an educated person in Israel knows or acknowledges that what was inflicted upon the jewish people by the Nazis is not worse than what the Palestinian people are enduring at their hands. We could go on forever about how their learning a lesson of history does or should influence their behavior or policies towards the Palestinians, and the Arabs in general, but in vain probably, because Humans are egocentric by nature, and unless we do our part of plotting we will not get our rights, no matter how rightful they are.

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