Posted by: r.m. | December 15, 2008

yay to the great apes (and more)

Good news. We need it.

 Huge Population of Lowland Gorillas Found – A survey by scientists with the U.S.-based Wildlife Conservation Society tallied the sleeping nests that the great apes construct each night and came up with an estimate of 125,000 lowland gorillas in the forests of the Republic of Congo. By comparison, less than 1,000 mountain gorillas exist.

and more good news: Spain Gives Great Apes Legal Rights (On June 25 the Spanish Parliament’s environmental committee approved a resolution to grant legal rights to great apes, covering chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas, and orang­utans. The resolution, expected to be enacted into law by June 2009, gives great apes the right to life and protects them from harmful research practices and exploitation for profit, such as use in films, commercials, and circuses.)

check out the full list of ‘top 100 stories of 2008′ by Discover Magazine (# 53  is quite odd)



  1. Really good news!
    I hope that other species (including Homo sapiens) will also get their rights soon!

  2. yay for apes! wish we get a turn too! but finally we are thinking of others but us! ughhhhhhh

  3. Well good news, animals should be protected from exploitation for profit, yet in terms of medical research practices, I don’t really agree. If we can’t test new advancements on animals how can we be sure they won’t harm humans? I guess research should be done in moderation and with extra percaution. i don’t agree with harmful practices, but some practices are inevitable.

  4. good so now we started with apes this is a first step hope it keeps getting better. LUCKY APES…
    whos next? 😀
    sally el-koussa

  5. King of the Congo (old song)..
    It’s funny how they immediately made laws to protect the apes, it’s like saying” humans, we don’t trust u with anything anymore!”..
    But at the same time, instead of studying ants and bees behavior and compare it to humans, apes are much closer relatives, why not observe them in their wild form? (not in captivity as we usually see on science channel.. :-S)

  6. i guess that evidence of both cognitive and genetic similarities is what lead to an international drive to win certain “human” rights for all great apes. These animals are self-aware, have distinct personalities, form deep emotional attachements, are intelligent, have certain liguistic abilites and are genetically similar to humans. So why shouldn’t they be given at least some of the legal rights humans enjoy.

  7. Those are really good news for endagered species… It really deserves that “yay” in the title…
    I hope we hear more good news about other endagered species…
    Dear Apes, welcome back to life! 😀

  8. One of the rare positive posts on that blog (by positive I mean announcing a rather good news :P).

  9. That is really good news. It shows how we started to think of other creatures, and not only ourselves. And it also shows that animals need rights so we would not hurt them, although it should be a normal thing.

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