Posted by: r.m. | December 16, 2008

online petitions for Muntadar

Online Petition for Muntadar:

and here’s petition #2:

In Support of the Iraqi Shoe-Throwing Journalist

We, the undersigned, sympathise with Mr. Montather Al-Zaidi’s action in throwing a shoe at George W. Bush. It was well deserved and symbolizes the sentiment of many people not only in Iraq, but around the world.

Bush’s policies have reaked havoc all over the world, and the Bush administration is responsible for unprecedented levels of violence worldwide, resulting in the death of large numbers of innocent civilians in Iraq and around the world. Instead of working towards peace and stability, the United States has become a rogue nation and has created ridiculous justifications for its enormous aggression, such as “war on terror” and “pre-emptive strikes.” Domestic policies fared no better, with civil liberties compromised to a level never seen before in the United States, as well as the financial crisis and numerous other issues facing the American people.

Given that the current Iraqi government is a puppet for the U.S., who’s purpose is to serve U.S. interests rather than its own people’s, and given that U.S. puppets are normally not concerned with human rights, we are concerned about the safety and well-being of Mr. Al-Zaidi, who has already been beaten and arrested. We call on the Iraqi government to leave him alone, and we call on human rights watch groups to monitor his case and ensure his safety and well-being.



  1. I’m an Iranian girl, I read about him and read his Though about both Iran and USA, I should say he is right and really he is a HERO, he must protect by all Arabs and every one that belive in peace. AllaH protect him and his family that has a son like him…

  2. rogue is somewhat of an understatement, because with great power come great responsibilities…
    it would have been so much better for the journalist in question to fake asking a question to perfect his aim -which wasn’t bad at all given the president had to duck to avoid being hit- and take more advantage of the element of surprise…

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