Posted by: r.m. | December 18, 2008

Of interest to my pre-med biology/ecology students — particularly since we touched on myth #1 in class

Medical myths that come with a health warning



  1. ok… well there are some myths that really chocked me.. especially the last one about eating at night doesn’t make you fat ( i’m happy now that i can eat chocolat at midnight if i want to hehe)… but i think that’s true, weight gain is about the calories we intake, and not the time of the meals… i think the best way not to gain weight is to eat moderatly throughout the 24 hrs of the day…
    and i liked the myth about the cures of hangovers, and that the only real cure is to drink less!
    but i don’t really know about the suicides during the holidays… i think that the holidays remind some people of the sadness and void in their lives and sometimes it can be a sensitive period of the year. so i think there should be more statistics to back up this myth…

  2. I really liked the article! But this is the first time I know that some people believe that Poinsettias is poisonous….strange!!!! Maybe I don’t know it because it’s not true 😉

  3. the myth about suicide is new to me,as well as the poisonous poinsettas. Concerning the suicide myhth, i would think it was the other way around;suicides increase before the holidays if people are sad and don’t want to go through them alone.

  4. eating at night doesnot make you fat! thats a releif. i loved this one! as for poisonous poinsettas first time i ever hear that! and never even though about it!
    as for holidays i just hate them and i think it is true that suicides happen before not that i would commit one! but at holidays you just everyone you love to be next to you and when they dont you simple feel down!:(

  5. 1. The cure for hangover is drinking more and being drunk all the time! This was scientifically proven by ME!
    2. Eating doesn’t make you fat, it’s eating more than you need (Damn consumerism), or not being active enough for what you eat (damn TV).
    One exception is to be noted, chocolate has zero calories, because it’s as essential as water and air…

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