Posted by: r.m. | December 18, 2008

unfortunately – another record

A new U.N. study on climate change reveals that 2008 was one of the warmest years since 1850 when scientists started to keep weather records.



  1. this is the first time i’ve ever realized how many different countries all over are affected by climate change.and they’re all affected differently.

  2. it’s sad to know that 2008 was the warmest year in over 50 years.. and it’s sader to know that the consequences are being so global (and so fast) like in the Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina.. as if the only thing that those countries need is the climate change on top of their bad economic status…
    hopefully next year efforts would be made so that 2009 would not make headlines as one of the warmest years…

  3. Apparently 2008 is the year of calamities; we’ve witnessed one of the worst years both economically and ecologically.
    Maybe we could ask Santa to bring us some change with him, and promise to behave next year 🙂

  4. Climate change is affecting all the countries, Australia, South America, Europe, Turkey, Columbia, Portugal, Spain, India, Pakistan and so many others…They are suffering from several problems such as climate extremes, flood, drought, storms, heat waves,…Those are all “man-made disasters” affecting not only global environment but also economy…These things have to be supressed to prevent further disasters!

  5. Anonymous is me! 🙂

  6. If there’s a total meltdown in Antarctica and the Arctic, sea levels will rise 273 feet, which is enough to endanger most of the world’s largest cities. I predict that this will happen in the next ten years. Even though all mankind has been warned about the potential for catostrophy, they will do nothing about it, but rather spend there time and resources arguing as to its political aspects, or engaging in or preparing to wage war. In short, we’re too stupid for our own good.

  7. Huge Climate changes will always have catastrophic consequences on people because they are adapted to a specific type of climate and weather in the region were they live ,so changing suddenly will have devastating results. for example in 2008 it was the first time in 100 years to snow in Iraq, Baghdad, and the people were not prepared.

  8. Climate change is invading all countries incresaing damage and hindering progress.Knowing that 2008 is one of the warmest year makes us think of further consequences in those coming year.In that New year eve I hope that all the forces agree on a protocol to reduce global warming and put it into action.But is there any hope in this climate of war that we are facing today?Will nations get together to save the cliamte while they failed to save innocent people in Ghazza?

  9. The worst effect of climate change is that it comes in time when people aren’t fully prepared for such changing. This what explains the tremendous casualties all over countries. What should be done is starting a big campaign to aware people of the effects coming so they can protect themselves and also realize what they should done to minimize pollution and other things.

  10. Wow, what’s most frightening is the frequency of natural disasters. Quite incredible; the weather extremes, the different countries being affected. Lebanon will be facing hotter summers rather than cold waves, which is clearly evident. This winter seems heaps warmer than the winters before. Although climate change is not about daily measurements of weather, our case is a valid example of what our children will face.

  11. I guess this year really showed the effect of climate change, and we will witness more effects the coming years. Many countries are suffering from climate change and it’s not related to certain places anymore. Natural disasters became so frequent, and we should do something about it before it becomes out of control.

  12. I think that climate change is becoming very more serious by the day. These recorded rises in global temperatures have not yet alarmed the masses of poeple to stand up and do something about it. It seems that mankind has always thrived on destruction since the dawn of history. Governments are busy fighting each other and hungering over the control of what is left of fossil fuels and disregarding what is happening about shifts in climate and global warming. I think it is up to us, Environmental scientists to take the initiative because we can no longer stand idoly by and watch our world crumble before our eyes. It is up to us to let people know about the disasters that will be caused by climate change.

  13. climate change is now more than any time a real threat on human kind. extreme weather events are becoming more dangerous and more frequent. people are being killed everywhere because of drought, floods, extreme high and low temperatures, and many other tremendous weather changes.
    we, humans, should change this situation. Rafic said that we as environmental scientists have to take the initiative. he’s right, but we should also convince people that each one can be helpful. knowing that disasters will be increasing and that climate change will have catastrophic effects on us is not sufficient. people and societies have to take definite decisions and put pressures on decision- makers to decrease the carbon emissions and stabilize them under the limits.

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