Posted by: r.m. | December 20, 2008

Lebanese kidnapped. UNIFIL pending.

Israeli Troops Kidnap Two Lebanese Citizens
An Israeli infantry patrol crossed into Lebanon and kidnapped two Lebanese citizens from their olive grove near the southern village of Blida n Friday.

    The two were only identified as members of the Tarraf family. UNIFIL informed the Lebanese authorities that the two would be released pending completion of investigation by the Israeli military. It called for self restraint.

    The state-run National News Agency (NA) said 18 Israeli soldiers crossed the barbed wire fence and kidnapped the two field workers.

    Further details were not immediately available.


    Okay: UNIFIL said “pending investigation”? What is to investigate? Does it matter who these two men are? They were kidnapped – from Lebanese soil – by Israeli soldiers. UNIFIL should say: END OF STORY.

    And self-restraint!? If two Israelis were kidnapped by Lebanese soldiers, would the UN – any UN body – be calling for “self-restraint”?!

    Reminds me of the “truce” in Gaza. “Truce” because Palestinian acts (of self defense) were quite limited while Israeli attacks were “un-restrained”. That’s a truce.

    Typical UN behavior.

    They are another form of collaborating occupation – painted with that ugly stroke of “the white man’s burden”

    (thank you Marcy for the story)


  1. very disturbing indeed. and yet a few hours later it seems that this story has not been picked up by international media sources. not surprising, of course, but if an israeli terrorist soldier had been kidnapped would we see calls for restraint, an investigation, and this silence? akeed la!

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