Posted by: r.m. | December 20, 2008

the shoe in heathrow

So, here I am. In the Heathrow airport. My flight to NC is delayed – so the 5 hour wait in Heathrow has become… well… much longer.  I am sitting here between a fellow from Virginia on my left and a fellow from Syria on my right.

After a while, the conversation got to the “shoe” and the fellow from Syria explained to the fellow from the US – that a shoe is an insult in the Arab world, and that calling someone a “dog” in the Arab world is an insult.


only in the Arab world?




  1. hmmm… perhaps you should suggest that they read matthew’s piece in electronic intifada?

  2. An even more important question is: “What does it take to actually offend George W. Bush?”. I can imagine that he is so thick that even if shit was thrown at him he would say “thanks for the chocolate”.
    He’s not expected to know what shame is since he doesn’t know what honor is.

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