Posted by: r.m. | December 22, 2008

“we don’t see you”

When I read this news (Two years ago a team of engineers amazed the world (Harry Potter fans in particular) by developing the technology needed to make an invisibility cloak. Now researchers are creating laboratory-engineered wonder materials that can conceal objects from almost anything that travels as a wave.), I first thought: hmm.. what does that mean? How much more invisible can we be? How much more can the mainstream (primarily Western, but not only Western) find Palestinians and other indigenous communities around the world to be invisible? Perhaps now the media can say: well, we didn’t “see” you – you were wearing that invisibility cloak.

What we need is not an invisibility cloak – but a Visibility Cloak.

We need people to see – to see the ghosts that live among us (such as the homeless), to see the people whose voices we have silenced or become numb to (such as indigenous communities), and to see the land, the birds, the other (possibly more intelligent and more sensitive) animals.

We need to see.


  1. i dunno…what would happen if israelis became invisible?

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