Posted by: r.m. | December 26, 2008

the power of a student

Posing as a Bidder, Utah Student Disrupts Government Auction of 150,000 Acres of Wilderness for Oil & Gas Drilling

(actually, it is not so much the power of a student, but more so the power of a dedicated, hopeful, strategic individual — with spark and attitude. he just happens to be a student)

(thank you Marcy)



  1. This is truly wonderful news! This guy’s intention was simply to do what he could when he had the choice and the power to do it. The environmental movement needs more people like him to raise awarness and when possible stand up to the corrupt power structure.

  2. Great job Tim! You lead and leaders follow:)
    I guess this helps us realize that each one of us should have a responsible opposition to the misuse of power in the abuse of the natural environment. This shouldn’t be regarded as an
    environmentalist issue but rather a civic service to all people everywhere. The last thing we need is greater damage to our single global climate.

  3. what is it going to take to convince the governments everywhere that protection of the environment is in their people’s and own interest?
    regading the topic, i wish i had the courage to do something like that. or maybe it’s not courage i need, but what exactly is it? i ask this because i realize the urgency, i do have a fair knowledge of the issue, and yet i don’t see myself doing anything…

  4. When protesting doesnt work, it seems that the person needs to introduce a bigger distruption by getting inside the case! That’s what Tim did!!!and it seems it worked in delaying the auction…
    Groups of people support enviromental issues, but they need a leader who has enough courage to see the right opportunities and use them to defend their case!
    All the respect to you Tim!

  5. What creates greatness and great nations is private initiative; and it is again within the perspective of private initiative that we can still hope for a change.
    What we really need is more people to inspire others with confidence, and fewer people to discourage any initiative in the right direction; more to get into the thick of things, fewer to sit on the sidelines.

  6. i think Mark really got to the point and had a great thing to say! i thank Tim for what he did because nowadays it is actually rare to find people willing to do anything that could save our mother planet! Tim is an example of a brave individual who faught all odds to protect something he loved.
    Tim has inspired me because i wouldn’t have done what he did since what i see doesn’t encourage to to speak or act! we need someone to listen to us and thats what we miss in our world! i think tim is lucky because we all support him!

  7. Well i think Tim did what many of the activist wish to done, which is buying and saving lands and animals. the defference is that Tim had the power of money. here comes the solution for everything which is money, the power that can save everything. Who has the money has the power to change or to destruct, this time it was in the hands of Tim so let’s hope that it comes in the hands of many other people like Tim.

  8. They must be very mad at him!
    It’s important to note that mostly people who are concerned about Nature and its well-being are educated people, and in some rare cases people who are aware of the dangers of human activities.
    In the conference about the Arab world’s position in global warming, we saw how a person or a group cannot save the planet but it is rather government. This article proves us wrong, each and every one of us is able of saving a small or large bit.

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