Posted by: r.m. | December 27, 2008

illiterate about science – but still talking

ah… see what making generalized, unsubstantiated statements coupled with fame can get you? – you could end up cited on this list. The Celebrities and Science Review 2008, prepared by the group Sense About Science, identifies some of the worst examples of scientific illiteracy among those who profess to know better – including top politicians. The Indepedent writes about it in its article Scientific illiteracy all the rage among the glitterati.

I’m trying to find the full article – the Celebrities and Science Review 2008.

Thus far – all I’ve found is the Celebrities and Science Review 2007

The website (Sense about Science) is quite interesting, by the way


  1. That’s all I’ve been able to find also. It’d be nice to be able to reference the actual report instead of every newspaper’s description of it.

  2. One can say something that is not true, we all do it. It is those who, once it’s pointed out to them that science has shown it not to be true, stick to their original belief, that are the problem..i mean you never expect celebrities to say anything intelligent..and Obama is an attorney and a politician..not a scientist!

  3. how can you ask people whose specialism is one field ( like entertainig/acting) their views on a field they cannot be expected to have any informed view on??? i mean you won’t ask Paris Hilton about Cosmology at least not if you want a serious and useful answer…

  4. You never know, it can still be useful to listen to those people… have you already forgotten the saying: خذو الحكم من افواه المجانين

    “An idea is not good unless it is a priori absurd”
    -Albert Einstein-

    ………..just kidding :p

  5. Well, most people just throw words and claim that what they said is scientifically approved… As the article mentioned politicians and actors just talk to let them know that they have a scientific background while they definitly dont!
    It’s aweful, but what is more aweful is that the people beleive them, and that’s a bigger problem!

  6. I think such people will be helpful “vectors” for the transmission of information to common people:people love them, listen to them, follow their news…etc
    that’s why I advise each one having the power of fame, to have a scientific counselor providing him with the latest news and tips in order to transfer such information to the audience.

  7. It’s just a blond who’s trying to be smart…lol
    A person living in dreams trying to show us that he’s part of the reality. everything they do is just acting because this is all they know.

  8. It’s risky business when a music icon or movie idol gives uneducated, biased opinions or statements. Unfortunately, many people who relate to these stars may find themselves blindly forming the same unenlightened opinions. Therefore these models should take caution to represent their arguments more thoughtfully, and if not, just not say anything at all!

  9. and as for a “blond who’s trying to be smart”
    there’s nothing wrong with breaking an unintelligent stereotype elie, you should put more thought into your comments 🙂

  10. If these celebrities do not have much information based on scientific knowledge, they should not go out in public and blutter things out for those who dont know any better to believe. The major disadvantage is that it is really affecting the people because those who are coming up with such conclusions are no other than celebrities that millions of viewer listen to.

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