Posted by: r.m. | December 27, 2008

Massacre in Gaza

195 killed. (More than 70 of the martyrs could not be identified since their bodies were in pieces.)

More than 450 wounded. More than 120 of them very seriously wounded. — Let us remember that there is a dire shortage of medicine and medical equipment due to the Israeli (Egyptian-supported) siege

The numbers of the injured and killed are expected to increase. The search for the killed and wounded continues.

And Israel threatens further attacks. On a besieged city of 1.5 million.

Israeli drones continue to invade Gaza air space.

Let us remember: the people of Gaza – each one of them – has the legal and ethical right to resist occupation and attack and besiegement.

In this age of doublespeak and Orwell’s 1984, we have to constantly straighten the picture and reaffirm language. Occupied – Occupier. Oppressed – Oppressor. We need to remember, as the Western and US-sponsored Eastern press prepare their articles to condemn “Palestinian violence”, that the violence of the occupied cannot be equated with the violence of the occupier.

Meanwhile, Arab governments – only 4 of them – call for a meeting to “discuss” this issue. What is it to discuss? The actions that these governments – all governments – should take are quite clear: cut all economic relations with Israel. Threaten to cut all economic relations with companies that invest in Israel.

Individually: each one of us need to reaffirm the economic boycott and need to multiply our efforts to demand economic boycotts.

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