Posted by: r.m. | December 27, 2008

what to sue and when and why…

7 quite interesting cases (officially titled 7 (Stupid) People Who Sued the Scientific Method) and be sure to check out #2

(by the way, the scientific method is not supreme. it can be challenged.)



  1. wow wow wow!
    At first those cases seem amuzing, somehow intertaining by the way they turn to be irrelevantly seriuous. But by the time I got to the last article I wasn’t amused at all, i felt really appaled, revolted by such demeaning accusations; demeaning for both the scientific community and the human mind.

  2. This article realy desreves Marc’s “wow wow wow!”
    But what attracted me the most is the case number 2…They are gonna sue the government to change the status from threatened to endangered…There are lots of things to worry about other than a simple difference in the word’s exact meaning… If they have so much time to bring a court for such a case, scientists should use this time in a more beneficial way by planning how to save the bears!

  3. What made me think is the first question asked: “which group is actually smarter?” we hear all the time about cases of layers suing people and companies for stupid things like when Dunkin was sewed for not putting “extremely hot” on the cup. Seriously this raise the question about who is smarter. In this article we saw many cases where people were trying to play it smart. but the case number 2 is totally different. I still can’t believe that scientist and ecologist need to go to law just to “threatened” to “endangered”.

  4. Setting an exact value for pi!
    Whoever proposed that has certainely not finished high school, or he/she slept in class!!
    Math and physics would collapse!
    Mathmaticians are still looking for more digits in the pi number, some have spent their entire life to find it..
    These lawsuits are not very strange when you think about the ease of making them in certain countries, especially the US.

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