Posted by: r.m. | December 28, 2008

Write. for Gaza.

Share your comments, your insight, your information, your justified anger with newspapers, via commenting online and sending letters to the editor.

(1) Here’s one starting point: The News and Observer, the local paper in Raleigh, North Carolina (where I am now). Read this article and comment. and then go here and email them the letter so that the paper will be flooded with letters and not just comments.

(2) The New York Times.  Here’s how to submit a letter to the editor to the NYT. and here’s the article in the NYT that you can comment on (Israeli Attacks in Gaza Strip Continue for Second Day)

(3) The Huffington Post. Comment online to their babble. They continue to refer to “Palestinians militants” and thereby justify their murder.

(4) The Guardian.  Write letters to the editor. Specially, you can respond to this statement: “Most of the dead appeared to be policemen or security officials affiliated with Hamas, although there were reports of dead civilians.” from this article. They also imply that there was an actual truce (“A fragile five-month ceasefire between Israel and Palestinian militant groups in Gaza finally collapsed 10 days ago”. Email: (please insert Letters to the Editor in subject field).

(5) The Independent. Comment online here

I’ll  look for other one-sided, false, decontextualized articles and – while we’re glued to the news – at least we can write and write and flood the newspapers.

The attacks are continuing. 45 strikes today.

This is my letter to the editor to the News and Observer- short, since it has to be under 200 words.

Once again, the News and Observer demonstrates a striking ability to present one-sided, decontextualized news.  Here are some of the major deficiencies.
(1) The title (To repay attacks, Israel hits the Gaza Strip) implies quite strongly that Israel is merely engaging in justified, self-defense, retaliatory actions.  False.  According to numerous reports, including the Israeli Human Rights organization Gush Shalom, Israel broke the truce. Israel violated the truce more than 195 times. Furthermore, during the past six months, the 1.5 million people of Gaza have been besieged, denied of the most basic human needs. UN reports confirmed that Israel banned the entry of adequate food and medicine and fuel. These illegal and aggressive Israeli attacks come on top of this brutal siege, which has created a humanitarian catastrophe of dire proportions.
(2) The title further ignores that yesterday’s attacks alone resulted in the largest loss of Palestinian life since 1967.  More than 250 Palestinians have been killed. More than 1250 wounded. Doesn’t that merit emphasis?
(3) You refer to “Hamas targets.”  Police stations, hospitals, schools, mosques were attacked – all amidst heavily populated urban residences.  Entire families have been killed.  Stop with your implicit justifications of this barbarity.



  1. great idea…great advice. rania is always the one to be proactive, productive…in spite of it all.

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