Posted by: r.m. | December 29, 2008

hard to find the words

I don’t understand

I don’t understand any request for an Arab League summit. Let’s put our efforts elsewhere.

I don’t understand the Arab League itself. I don’t understand the Egyptian government that is openly collaborating with the Israeli Zionist government.

Or The Jordanan government. The Qatari. The Saudi. Any of the Arab governments that have economic and/or diplomatic relations with Israel.

I never expected humanity from Israel.  But I hadn’t ever expected such open collaboration between Arab governments — particularly the Egyptian government — and Israel.

The border between besieged Gaza and collaborating Egypt is still closed. Closed by Mubarak. Closed by all the men who follow his orders and not their conscience.

There is no need for such collaboration.  Even for a draconian, corrupt, dictatorial regime like Mubarak’s, there is no reason for such collaboration.

There is only shame.



  1. in my humble opinion, this is divide and conquer. it has worked for millennia, and it still does. sadly the arab people are not yet mature enough to avoid being played in such regrettable and shameful way.

  2. I understand:

    1-Arab League summit: Cover for the Arab participation/silence

    2-Egyptian collaboration: political/business interests

    3-Silence of the other Arab countries: Business and fake political dominancy

    I think that SHAME is the last thing on their minds…

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