Posted by: r.m. | December 29, 2008

worse than July 2006

The onslaught against Gaza seems worse than the onslaught against Lebanon in July 2006.

At least, there was a narrow corridor for escape for the southerners in Lebanon in July 2006.  Although many were killed enroute, many were killed on the highways as they were going north, still, many were able to leave the bombardment. The people of Gaza have nowhere to go.  The prison on the 1.5 million Palestinians in Gaza keeps getting smaller.

Add to it that in Lebanon, the resistance had weapons; Hamas has poorly made weapons equivalent to firecrackers. In Lebanon, we were not besieged, and had not been besieged for months upon months.

The similarity is that in both cases, certain Arab governments conspired and collaborated with the Israeli Zionist Terrorist forces.  Of all the crimes, that is the worse.



  1. Is Israel a victim or a bully???
    The world is torn.

    Make your voice heard!!

  2. exactly! this is what i kept thinking all night. no chance for escape. sigh.

  3. I think that there are more than one similarity between the 2 wars (july 2006 and the recent assault on gaza). other than the collaboration of Arab leaders and governments in the siege, the use of internationally banned weapons in the bombing, the fact that international media is showing israel as a victim, there is this last similarity that every genuine arab should hope for especially after 2006: VICTORY

  4. […] bad conditions of Gaza is making their predicament far worse than those of the Lebanese in 2006. Green Resistance expresses this feeling in one of many posts about Gaza by saying: The onslaught against Gaza seems […]

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