Posted by: r.m. | December 30, 2008

not just Gaza

While the Israeli Offensive Forces (nothing ‘defensive’ about them) continued their onslaught against Palestinian families in Gaza, they also continued their human rights violations throughout the land of Palestine.

*200 youth kidnapped by the Israeli army and police in Jerusalem in four days (Dec 30)

*Israeli forces arrest three young brothers in Al-Khalil (Dec 30)

*Israeli army attacks Nablus city and imposes curfew in nearby town  (Dec 30)

*Israeli police violently attacks protestors in Nazareth

Note: As Ali Abunimah reminds us, “has one single rocket ever been fired from the West Bank? No. … the West Bank is under constant attack. People are being killed. Amy, you had on your show the settler pogroms that were happening in front of the eyes of the world in the West Bank, the settlement construction that goes on. There has not been a single rocket fired from the West Bank. Abbas has capitulated to the Israelis. His so-called security forces, trained by the United States and armed by the United States, have been fighting the resistance in the West Bank. Did that spare one single Palestinian in the West Bank from Israeli violence or colonization? No, it did not.”


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