Posted by: r.m. | December 31, 2008

“an open air prison”

(From a Dec 30 Institute for Public Accuracy press release) “The big media is completely biased in not giving a
true picture of the situation.
People need to listen, watch and read alternative media sources. If you look at the number of people that were killed in the last few days the numbers for the Palestinians are enormous — over 375 people in Gaza! This is an open air prison controlled from all sides. People in Gaza cannot go out, can’t get the food, medicine, clean water, electricity they need and the Israeli Air Force is bombing them and killing innocent children in this crazy operation. The media are simply not telling this story.”

I would love to see these words splashed across the front-pages of the major US newspapers. Who said it? Yonatan Shapira, a former captain in the Israeli Air Force Reserves, in 2003 Shapira initiated the group of Israeli Air Force pilots who refused to participate in attack missions on Palestinian territories. He is a co-founder of Combatants for Peace.


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