Posted by: r.m. | January 2, 2009

definitely – to be read

Mark Steel: So what have the Palestinians got to complain about?

To portray this as a conflict between equals requires some imagination

excellent article from The Independent

Would LOVE to see this article on the front-page of all US newspapers



  1. What can i say other than it kills me… maybe that i like the black humor of the author!
    It sounds almost too unrealistic that the Israelis are doing what they are doing and saying what they’re saying, and yet some people still think they’re only protecting themselves and that they are only the victims.
    This is Genocide, with a capital G, only it’s spread in time because humans tend to be quite forgetful and have a regrettable habit being accustomed to even the most horrid of things.


    this is a site a just came across and i wanted you to see it, so i thought of emailing it to you Dr. Rania, but then i decided to post it here as a comment for everyone to see and check out!

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