Posted by: r.m. | January 7, 2009


Yes, to Chavez (again) for ordering “the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador to Caracas in protest at Israel’s offensive in the Gaza Strip.”

Yes to Chavez calling Israeli aggression “genocide

Yes to the government of Mauritania – one of 3 Arab governments with full diplomatic relations with Israel – in recalling its ambassador from Israel

Yes to US Representative Dennic Kucinich officially requesting “an examination of Israel’s compliance with the provisions of the Arms Export Control Act of 1976 (AECA)”

Yes to the continuous, and large, and popular, and grassroots protests *throughout the world* condemning Israeli terrorism and standing in solidarity with the Palestinians in Gaza. Let’s not minimize these protests. Let’s not minimize the level of outrage that is international and spontaneous.  Compare it with other crimes that the Israelis have committed against us (Palestinians and Lebanese), and the relative silence then.  Yes to the sense of outrage growing and multiplying and spreading.

Yes to the Free Gaza movement. Yes to the growth and resurgence of the boycott movement internationally (see and see (Soon – I will post the items that we need to be boycotting – here – in Lebanon in particular.) Yes to the creative action of the Jewish Canadian women who occupied the Israeli consulate at 180 Bloor Street West in Toronto, and to this creative retaliatory action (spy for Israel)

And, yes, above all, to the steadfastness and strength and resilience of the Palestinian people.

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