Posted by: r.m. | January 8, 2009

…and the protests of outrage continue

in countries from Morocco to Yemen, and Lebanon to Bahrain

in France and the UK and the US

and in South AFrica today ,”Cape Town’s city centre was almost at a standstill today as around 10 000 people marched on Parliament to protest against the Israeli attack on Gaza

in Norway, Demonstrations have now been held in at least 28 cities

(for a list of some of the protests held around the world, go here)

and most importantly: today,  protests have also taken on political and economic strength: Here is what has happened in Norway, as one example, from an email I received.  “ALL trains in the whole of Norway, and all trams and subways in Oslo, will stand still for two minutes as a result of a political strike organized by the Norwegian Locomotive Union and the Oslo Tram Workers Union in protest of the Israeli invasion of Gaza.

A large selection of Norwegian trade unions and organizations has endorsed a new campaign for the withdrawal of all State investments in Israel. The call is endorsed by so far 6 of the largest national trade unions.

The Union of Trade and Office Workers calls on all members to ask their employers to remove Israeli produtcts from stores. The union is the by far largest union of workers in all types of private and public stores in Norway.

The confederation of Norwegian Trade Unions (LO), with apr. 1/5 of the whole Norwegian population as members, condemns the Israeli bombing and invasion in Gaza and calls for demonstrations.

The Norwegian Church has protested Israel’s invasion of Gaza and was, according to media, “called to the carpet” by the Israeli embassador.

31% of Norwegians supports the boycott of Israel, in a survey by the pro-Israel tabloid VG today. The question was politicaly charged “Do you support the Socialist Left’s boycott of Israel?” If not mentioning the Socialists the number would probably be much higher. The vast majority in all groups in the survey is against the Israeli invasion of Gaza.”



  1. The tide is changing… don’t thank god, thank the internet.

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