Posted by: r.m. | January 10, 2009

tv. gaza.

For your information, tomorrow (Sunday), at 6.30 pm Beirut Time, on Press TV will air an interview with me that was taped a few days ago. The program is Middle East Press (Press TV’s Middle East Press). The topic: “Middle East” press and Gaza. If you don’t have Press TV on your tv, you can download the program from the website in a few days.



  1. I hope this link works, it’s a short clip of an Israeli spokesman defending their decision for not allowing the Red Cross to attend to wounded Palestinian civilians. Notice the spokesman’s inability to admit fault, it’s bitterly amusing.


  3. Good job and programme. Al-Jazeera English is also good to be on as many westerners watch it. Both provide much more balanced coverage than most western outlets. Having said that, it is depressing to see that even after people protesting in their hundreds of thousands (maybe millions) worldwide and after seeing the images of children getting killed and the ‘facts’ set straight by honest able people like you, those in power simply do not care. Public opinion does change and that’s a great thing, but those in power keep on barbarically executing their war OF terror.

  4. To all: check out these videos from this weekend’s massive London demonstration. These are powerful speeches by famous people. That crowd was so big that it was not possible to actually see any speaker; just hear them! And the second group of speakers at the end of the march were not seen by many thousands as they were still marching few kilometers back!!! It was incredible! I just wish that the ‘leaders’ of Israel and her conspirators were present to see how angry and outraged the people were. But even that wouldn’t have moved them an inch I think… (Note: pro-Israeli crackers attacked the site and so the following link is temporary)

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