Posted by: r.m. | January 12, 2009

Visualize Gaza

I just received this document.  To see the image with more clarity, download the pdf document from this link (opt_indesign-situation-map-11january092) .

What you are looking at is a “Situation Map” of Gaza as of January 11 by UNRWA.  Note the spread of Israeli Strikes.  Note the location of those strikes: in the very midst of densely populated areas. However, UNRWA is seriously at fault when it portrays the Palestinian Strikes the same size as the Israeli Strikes, thereby implying that the same weaponry, or weaponry of the same magnitude, were being used. UNRWA is also at fault when it fails to portray the *number* of Israeli Strikes. It is not simply the location of the strikes that is relevant: their number and their magnitude and the weaponry used are all critically important.


Please also note the number of killed — Palestinians killed, Palestinians murdered — continues to increase.  UNRWA listed 884 killed and 3,860 injured. That was of as yesterday. Today, the number of Palestinian mothers, fathers, daughters, and sons has rised to 901. And the killing continues.

There is another map of Gaza This map is by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), and it is dated January 8 2009.


The critical aspects in the OCHA map is the status of the infrastructure in Gaza, or, more accurately, the lack of infrastructure. The power plant, not operational since December 30. The wastewater treatment plant, at risk of flooding – and thus posing epidemic health issues. Access to the main hospital – blocked.  Collection of the fuel that entered Gaza – blocked.

Visualize Gaza.

Visualize the families.

Visualize the international popular outrage to these ongoing massacres, this modern-day holocaust.

Visualize yourself organizing, protesting, campaigning, speaking, … and believing, recognizing, that the Palestinian people cannot, will not, be defeated.

(Thank you Marcy for you help in including the UNRWA image.)



  1. Thank you for posting this and your reservations about UNRWA’s map misrepresentation.

    Some fellow geographers have also sent me this Al Jazeera interactive map which may be of interest: they are inviting updates:


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