Posted by: r.m. | January 13, 2009

press tv – middle east press

here is the interview with me that was aired on Sunday January 11, 2009 on middle east press weekend edition

(By the way: I’d appreciate learning how to embed – in this post – the video from Press TV – so that viewers don’t have to have to click on that link but can click on the picture itself. Suggestions?)

One point I want to add to what I said during the interview. I presented a binary of either: solitary negotiations between the Palestinians (typically through the ‘PA’) and Israel or resistance.  I argued that negotations, particularly in the manners through which they have been conducted for the past few decades and most glaringly since Oslo in 1993, have proven to be a failure — resulting in only continued theft of Palestinian land, continued detention of Palestinian youth, continued demolition of Palestinian homes, and continued killing of Palestinian mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers. Consequently, that’s not the path to take.

However, I want to add something I did not have time to build on the interview: resistance, in the current manner, in the manner through which it has been practiced for decades, particularly in the occupied Palestinian territories, has also not worked.

The resistance needs to be smarter. And more broadened.


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