Posted by: r.m. | January 14, 2009

…and stepping back…

… into the world of animals and humans.

this study reveals — not surprisingly – that hunting animals not only can result in pushing animals towards extinction, but it also can change the  “appearance and behavior of some species



  1. it’s interesting to see how humans can cause different animals to evolve, but at the same time it’s sad because this is decreasing diversity. i don’t get why humans have to hunt other animals.isn’t the meat they get from cows and sheep and goats enough?

  2. uh men! can’t they get enough! its not surprising what human’s ego can do. i do understand those who kill to eat when they are hungry or evne in some occasions! but why kill just for the fun of killing or because they have that as a hobbie? what kind of passion and love is this to gt rid of a soul that is not ven yours?!?!?!?!?

  3. Since we are at the top of the food chain, i guess it would be okay to kill animals to eat their meat, seeing that all other carnivore animals do so.
    but it’s one thing to kill to eat and a whole other thing to kill for the pleasure of it.
    it’s funny what they say: “when a person kills a tiger, it’s ordinary sports… but when a tiger kills a person, it’s brutality and cruelty.”
    I’m thinking it’s in men’s genes to hunt, since the cave men when he used to kill animals for food and clothes, and now that everything is provided in stores, but they can’t seem to fight the urge to hunt and prove to be the “man in the cave”, they have turned it into this sport and leisure activity.
    So as a consequence, the number of killings has doubled, and its effect on reducing animal’s populations is no surprise at all.

  4. Wow it’s amazing that most the changing occurred on size and especially decreasing in size..if we tried to imagine what this means in the future…we will have tiny animals and’s really devastating..Some changing should be done before it’s too late..After thinking it’s already too late!!

  5. That’s too bad. this hunting issue seems to cost us more than it benefit, because we are not just killing birds or rabbits….etc we are destroying the habitat or the environment they are living in since many plants and other species depend on these hunted animals for survival..

  6. humans kill more than they need which is not supposed to be done…the immature fish being sent back to the water i studied about that in highschool but i dont think they do it….the rules should be tougher even for hunting we have a hunting problem even here in lebanon with the birds….
    Sally El-Koussa

  7. Look at things positively; pushing animals to change their behavior and appearance:EVOLUTION! All what we’re doing is kind of accelerating this evolution.
    This is the “hunter” in me who wrote those 4 lines above…sorry 😉 . I need to control that!

  8. A New Record for Humans: Shaping animal populations… congratulations! even in evolution, humans want to replace nature’s power by inducing “hunting selection” instead of “natural selection”…
    ummm…whether it is caused by genetic evolution or temporary plasticity, this accelerated evolution and selection of certain individuals based on size or other characteristics, may cause as a long term effect change in the enviroment equilibrium…So, hunters, have mercy on the earth…

  9. “In virtually all of the studied scenarios, hunting by humans — especially large-scale practices, like trawling — outpaced nature-driven trait changes by over 300 percent.”
    Wow, that’s massive! It is so incredible to observe the power humans have over many things. It’s just too bad this power isn’t being channeled into something positive, like reversing the man-made effects of climate change, or something less demanding, if you please; leading sustainable lives. What is it that causes a hunter to feel he/she needs more? To provide for my starving family, I would have no choice but to hunt, but for mere leisure and sport…I doubt killing animals is an entertaining or enlightening way to spend a Saturday morning. At least it shouldn’t be.

  10. That’s really so sad, I really mean it. What would happen if most hunted animals reached extinction levels?? What would we then hunt? Where would we, as a society, disgorge our bestial appetite for killing? Undoubtedly, hunting is not the only way to satisfy this primitive desire, wars, genocides, homocides…. are some other examples.
    Personally, I would stick to hunting.

  11. the body and horn size differences, natural selection due to predators (us!)… But i always thought that human predation wouldnt allow sufficient time laps for suck evolutions to occur.. Now since the prey is getting smaller, will the predators co-evolve? I think they’ll start fishing and hunting more so this evolution isnt so much of a benefit for the prey..

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