Posted by: r.m. | January 14, 2009

Obama – a smarter Bush

Helen Thomas, the most senior member of the White House press corp, with Amy Goodman of Democracy Now

Thomas: …President Bush is passing on to President-elect Obama two wars and an economic debacle. I call it a depression. And he is arming Israel against the Palestinians in every way in Gaza.

Goodman: Do you expect to see a change of policy, for example, on Israel and the Occupied Territories?

Thomas: No, I don’t.



  1. oh dear!!!!

  2. Ugh… I’m fearful that she may be right, I have to admit.

  3. Chilling… the problem is that if one ever confronts them, they will say that their policy is one of peace and prosperity for both and the right of existence for the israeli people. what about the right of existence of the Palestinians? and by the way, the israelis don’t have the right ot exist if their existence engenders the killing of the Palestinians
    (this also sadly works for humans and the environment…)

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