Posted by: r.m. | January 15, 2009

Attention: EVSC 100 + EVSC 305

Attention EVSC 100 students and EVSC 305 students

– my apologies for cancelling class today.  i’m too ill to get out of bed.

– but, i can still send you homework ;–)

EVSC 100 students: Please take the time today to read the economics paper that we discussed on Tuesday. The paper is available in the bookstore and on the EVSC 100 page of this website.  Read it all.  Also, take the time to finish reading the book in the bookstore.  Reminder: you have to finish all that book for the final.

EVSC 305 students:  I have only received the survey from Salma. I need to receive it from all of you.  Also, since you’ve already read the readings that were posted on the site on Tuesday ;–), then I’d like you to evaluate *how*, based on what you’ve read and what you’ve learned from your peers from the survey, you can then communicate better to attempt to change your peers’ behaviors.  Email me your paper by Monday morning.




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