Posted by: r.m. | January 20, 2009

the same songs

Connections. Ties. Links. They are impossible to deny, to ignore, to side-step.

We are not alone.

I try to find the energy to read, to write, to understand a bit about what has been uncovered, discovered, recovered on the environmental front.

and I find myself drawn to this simple image.


Novosiolki, Belarus: A fox stands in a field just outside the 18-mile exclusion zone around Chernobyl. Despite radiation, wildlife in and around the exclusion zone has flourished since people left the area after the 1986 nuclear disaster

Photograph: Vasily Fedosenko/Reuters

There is something about that vastness, that space for the eye to rest, and that solitary fox, as if he (she?) were looking at us and wondering why we are so self-destructive.

And it is as if the earth shrugs: people leave, wildlife returns. But how will the radiation  affect the wildlife?

I step away from that picture and read Galeano again.  His brilliance. His sharpness.  (Read ‘days and nights of love and war’)

He recently wrote:

Since 1948, the Palestinians live condemned to perpetual humiliation. They cannot even breathe without permission. They have lost their country, their land, their water, their freedom, everything of theirs. They do not even have the right to choose their governments. When they vote for those they should not, they are punished. Gaza is being punished. It turned into a mousetrap without exit since Hamas cleanly won the elections of 2006. Something similar happened in 1932 when the Communist Party triumphed in the elections of El Salvador. Drenched in blood, the Salvadorans atoned for their bad behaviour and since then have lived under military dictatorships. Democracy is a luxury which not everyone deserves.

I remember another writer from the Americas. Subcommandante Marcos recently wrote, in reference to Gaza:

The underground rivers that crisscross the world can change their geography, but they sing the same song.

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