Posted by: r.m. | January 21, 2009

again: the killing continues…

… after the silence of the bombs

again, as in Lebanon.

Yesterday: “two Palestinian children, brother (Abdullah, 10) and sister (Shorouq, 11), were killed when an explosive charge dropped by the [Israeli terrorist] army during the offensive against Gaza detonated near them.” They were playing. Children playing.

And, again, as in Lebanon, Israel’s definition of a ceasefire is only a statement to the media and only a shift in the weaponry used.

Yesterday: “A Palestinian farmer was killed by Israeli military fire in the northern part of the Gaza Strip.” He was working in his land east of Jabalia. Farming.

In the 22 days of massacres, the Israeli Terrorist Army killed 1415 Palestinians.

… and among all those massacres, one in particular stands out: the killing, deliberate killing, of 48 members of one family. Shot. Read it slowly. Read it and remember the sentiments of those Israeli “soldiers”. And remember who they shot: children and unarmed civilians. Farmers.


Those of you reading this blog who ask for information on the “Israeli-Arab conflict” – that article paints a powerful picture. In all simplicity, it is: ethnic cleansing. Removing the indigenous people from the land.

Those of you reading this blog who know, feel, this conflict, remember.  Sustain the outrage.

Remember. As we remember Qana in 2006. And Jenin in 2002. And Qana in 1996. … all the way to Deir Yassin in 1948.


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