Posted by: r.m. | January 26, 2009

and the bombings (US) continue

Okay, so he is going to shut down Guantanamo. (“Obama issued a trio of executive orders to close the Guantanamo Bay detention camp within a year, permanently shut the CIA’s network of secret overseas prisons and end the agency’s use of interrogation techniques that critics describe as torture.“)

But, if he did that in the name of respect of law, why did he then violate international law? If he closed down the illegal detention center because – hey – he believed that people are innocent until proven guilty, why did he then declare other people – people who could be killed, not even detained and then tried, guilty?

As reported by the Guardian, “Barack Obama has signed off the first attacks on suspected Muslim militants in the tribal areas of Pakistan. … US unmanned drones carried out a bombing raid on Friday.It caused public outrage and a complaint by the Pakistan government.” [and, hey, what about suspected Jewish militants in the occupied lands in Palestine? and those militants are quite easy to find; many of them are from New York]

So, Obama will want to proven himself as “tough” – which means  – kill others.  Risk their lives. Without trial. Why bother with the process, right?

Then again, back to Guantanamo. If he believes it is so wrong, why wait a year to close it down?

If he’s taken “the moral high ground” on Guantanamo, as he claims, why not take the moral high ground everywhere?



  1. oh how i love you!

  2. I wish we could live in a world that’s all blue and pink (no sexist pun here!). but it seems there always is that bloodied knife dripping all over the decorum. It is making me and hopefully a lot of people miserable, because as the song goes:”revolt is born out of misery’s womb”…

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