Posted by: r.m. | January 26, 2009

Lie. Deny. Admit. Justify.

after denying, now Israel has acknowledged, yes, admitted that it used white phosphorus in its war against the Palestinians in Gaza. they deny that they used it illegally. but, if they are so sure of the legality of their actions, why are they then hiding the names of the officers who led and who conducted the offensive against Gaza? “Last week, the military censor ordered local and foreign media in Israel not to publish names of army commanders in the Gaza war and to blur their faces in photos and video for fear they could be identified and arrested while traveling abroad.”

what else will they admit? and, when they do admit their crimes, will they then go the ‘Benny Morris route’ and attempt to justify their crimes as Benny Morris has sought to justify the ethnic cleansing upon which the Zionist state has been built?

there is another point, though. the tide is turning.

A senior Israeli Army official said “that Israel was surprised about the public outcry. “Everyone knew we were using it, and everyone else uses it. We didn’t think it would get this much attention,” he said.

Setting aside the contradiction in that statement (i.e. how could everyone now you were using it, ya zaki, when you yourself had been denying its use?), the heart of the statement is that the war criminals in Israel thought they could get away it, as they have gotten away with other crimes since 1948.

Let the prosecutions begin.

Let the boycott, divestment, and sanctions campaigns against Israel increase.


  1. and let israel cease to exist.

  2. while Benny Morris is celebrated as a “historian”, there’s a historian -who’s name i can’t remember- in Europe who’s being prosecuted for anti-semitism and neo-nazism upon bringing up the negationist theory about the Holocaust…
    why isn’t Morris charged with Xenophobia Universalis?

  3. This jerked a tear out of me…,0,4844093.story

  4. Use of white phosphorous in war is common and legal. It is used to illuminate the battlespace with light by night, and obscure it from enemy surveillance with smoke by day. It is illegal to use it directly against civilian targets. The IDF did not do this, as attested by the ICRC.

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