Posted by: r.m. | January 27, 2009

boycott. isolate.

Of the six point agenda by Fancis Boyle for an international legal response on the ongoing crimes committed by Israel, here is point 4: “We must move to have the U.N. General Assembly impose economic, diplomatic, and travel sanctions upon Israel pursuant to the terms of the Uniting for Peace Resolution (1950), whose Emergency Special Session on Palestine is now in recess.” Professor Boyle’s call for an International Criminal Tribunal on Israel is now being circulated by member states of the UN General Assembly.



  1. Will you boycott China for its abuse of human rights? Will you criticise Congo for the massacre of hundreds over the Christmas holiday? Will you slam Hamas for sending thousands of rockets against Israeli population centres? No – and I thought that you were concnerned about human rights and stopping one-track hatred?

  2. Points to Horesh !
    you boycott guys are a funny bunch. you never seem to do what you say you will. I bet your house is full of israeli stuff.

  3. Charity begins at home, as the french expression transliterates! so “we” do what “we” can, one cause at a time.

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