Posted by: r.m. | January 27, 2009

Obama, another imperialist

“The first Democratic president in the modern era to be elected on an anti-war ticket is also, to the relief of neocons and the liberal belligerati, a hawk. Committed to escalation in Afghanistan, his foreign policy selections also indicate bellicosity towards Sudan and Iran. During his first week in office he sanctioned two missile attacks in Pakistan, killing 22 people, including women and children. And his stance on Gaza is remarkably close to that of the outgoing administration. …In every country whose rulers have opted for empire, there has developed among the intellectual classes a powerful pro-imperial consensus, with liberals and leftwingers its most vociferous defenders. …Decolonisation and the civil rights struggle meant explicit racism had to be dispensed with in arguments for military intervention.”

Read the article in full –Obama the imperialist. Change? In foreign policy, hardly. The new president is in the classic liberal interventionist mould

It is an excellent analysis.

But I stop at the first paragraph.

Already, not a week into office, and Obama’s actions have directly led to the killing of 22 people.

If my actions led to the killing of 22 people — none of whom had been tried, none of whom had shown any aggressive towards me — what would be society’s recourse towards me?

It is not so much that societies are silent about Obama’s behavior – and the behavior of other imperialists (look to Israel for their daily, DAILY, murders) — but there is all too often an attempt to justify that behavior.

It is one thing not to scream in outrage.

And another entirely to make excuses for crimes.

Obama is already a murderer.   I’m tired of mincing words.

And the Israelis:

– each Israeli soldier that killed a child, a woman, or a man is guilty of murder

– each Israeli that supported that murder is guilty of being an accessory to murder

– and each taxpayer – from the US to Europe – that financed that murder is guilty of financing a crime

– and each one of us that shrugs and goes on with our life while these murders CONTINUE is guilty. of indifference? of a defeatist lack of hope?

what shall we do to rid ourselves of our own guilt, and hold those criminals responsible for their murders?

here’s a start: boycott. divestment. sanctions.

we must believe in hope. we must believe in change. a real change, from us – the many.



  1. love this post!

  2. Is it procrastination, or is it the lack of social awareness education that allow/lead us to such behaviors? and which is worse?

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