Posted by: r.m. | January 29, 2009

Companeros, Companeras…

The Bolivian constitution has passed the referendum. “The constitution, which was written in a constituent assembly that first convened in August of 2006, grants unprecedented rights to Bolivia’s indigenous majority, establishes broader access to basic services, education and healthcare and expands the role of the state in the management of natural resources and the economy.

In celebrating the constitution, Evo Morales said, “…I want you to know something, the colonial state ends here. Internal colonialism and external colonialism ends here. Sisters and brothers, neoliberalism ends here too.”

AH, what beautiful words! May they spread. May we say it here as well!

(and, take that Thatcher for foolishly saying there is no alternative to capitalism. There are alternatives.)



  1. What do i have to say to capitalism and its systematic vilification of anything not capitalist?
    and to think that for once the CHANGE comes from the south, this is as refreshing as the CHANGE itself. Doubtless, many in the US and all over Europe are, well “eating their hearts out”, but others, and so many of them, see this and feel real HOPE, as opposed to some media-based sorry excuse for it.
    and what an iconic picture all over the news, Morales holding the constitution and adressing the masses.

  2. i would love to see a president azmi bishara or some palestinian president–a real palestinian president–of the entire historic palestine uttering the same words in some inauguration speech. one day. one day soon.

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