Posted by: r.m. | February 4, 2009


we are seeing it. drought, much of it due to human stupidity and short-sightedness, leading to less needed resources, leading to potential conflict.

it is happening here in Lebanon.

the Ammiq wetland in Beka’a el Gharbee (West Beka’a) is dry.

And in Iraq.

Miles of reed stalks and baked mud are all that can be seen of much of Iraq’s ancient marshes this year, as a lack of water threatens to turn one of the world’s most important wetlands to wasteland. … Dusty boats lie abandoned on caked earth, where water once teemed with fish, and forests of tall reeds gave shelter to migratory birds. Reed stumps now stretch into the horizon, and water buffalo crowd the small remaining pools.

Many Marsh Arabs are illiterate and have had little luck finding work outside the marshes, where they are seen as backward.

“Where do we go now if this situation continues? Before we went to the provinces, but now they’ve seen the misery we bring, they won’t let us come. We have our animals. How can we take them?” said marsh dweller Sughair Iyad.


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