Posted by: r.m. | February 6, 2009

workers uniting

South African dock workers have refused to off-load a ship full of products from Israel. This action follows a decision by the South African Trade Unions Congess to engage in boycott and sanctions against what they call apartheid in Israel.

COSATU logo (courtesy of COSATU)
COSATU logo (courtesy of COSATU)

The action is part of a week of protests and rallies in South Africa, including union protests in front of the South African Zionist Federation, and dock blockades.



  1. It’s wonderful to see such solidarity. If socialism is to succeed one day, then it must be done by unity of all the working classes internationally. One nation socialism was a major reason why it failed in the 20th century (it was not even socialism from the beginning but at least some people intended/hoped it to be). I know many socialists argue for nationhood but to me nation states merely feed into capitalism subjugation of the working classes.

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